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Nat's Bread company

Welcome to our store! Place your order for pick up or delivery below...

Please note that our Boyd location is NOT a retail shop. Bread is not available for those that drop in. You may pre-order your bread below for pick up at the Boyd location. 3 days notice is required to process your orders. Thanks!

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1. Home Delivery - Tuesdays and Fridays
Tuesday | order by Sunday at 10 am. Friday | order by Wednesday at 10 am.*
2. Bakery Pick-up
3. Farmers' Market Pick Up: Now Available!
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Tuesday: order by Sunday at 10 am. Friday: order by Wednesday at 10 am.

Baker's Choice

The Sourdough Fanatic

The All In


 |  2 sourdough based loaves, 6

soft pretzels, & 2 other loaves chosen with love by our bakers.

| One white sourdough,

whole wheat sourdough, rye sourdough & demi baguette.

  | 4 loaves of the same bread. Choose from a

list of our fan favourites.

Hot Cross Buns - 6 per bag

In stock
Product Details
Price per unit: 3.00
: 6

All Purpose Flour, milk, sugar, active dry yeast, unsalted butter, eggs, all spice, dried currants, candied lemon peel, vanilla extract, lemon zest, sea salt, rice flour

Nat's Bread Company is NOT a nut free facility.

May contain trace amounts of soy and sesame seeds.

Contains wheat, dairy, and eggs.

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